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Say No Campaign

Say no to high cost borrowing smallest


Christmas is traditionally a time when many feel the pinch so the Lincoln Against Poverty project has launched its festive ‘Say no to high cost borrowing’ campaign to help people manage their money and show where they can get help and advice if they need it.

You should be seeing posters around the city throughout October, November, December and January which are designed to let people know what support is available to them. Each month will have its own specific message.



If you want to show your support for the campaign, you can download a poster by clicking the links below.

January 2015 message

Piggy on top


A3 poster

A4 poster

A5 poster

December 2014 message

Panic button


A4 poster

A5 poster

November 2014 message


A3 poster

A4 poster

A5 poster

October 2014 message

Christmas tree small

October A3 poster

October A4 poster

October A5 poster