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New legislation on default gas and electricity tariff caps

Posted on 10th January, 2019 by Lincoln Against Poverty

Earlier this year the government passed legislation that allows the energy regulator, Ofgem, to cap the price that customers on default tariffs pay for their gas and electricity. Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire has provided the following update on how the price cap could affect bill payers, together with provided some useful links to help reduce energy bills.

Helping clients understand what the price cap means for them Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire have 4 key messages around the cap:

  • People in the energy market have been ripped off on default tariffs for too long. A cap on these tariffs will go some way to protect people from the price of energy bills
  • While the price cap should save people money on standard variable tariffs, people should still be able to find a better deal on their energy bills by shopping around The Citizens Advice comparison tool and supplier star rating can help with this
  • Households may also be able to reduce their bills and make long-term savings by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Simple steps, such as better insulation or heating controls, are a good place to start

Resources for you to use
Bill payers are encouraged to visit the public advice page to check if they are affected by an energy price cap. Citizens Advice will continue to monitor feedback on this web page and make adjustments as required. An advice sheet on what the energy price cap could mean is also available to view.