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Debt and Depression Mental Health seminar

Posted on 23rd January, 2015 by Lincoln Against Poverty

A message from the Illegal Money Lending Team

Debt and Depression Mental Health Presentation by the England Illegal Money Lending Team supported by Lincolnshire Public Health Directorate.

Monday, January 26 2015
10am – 12pm

Conference Room
Learning and Development Centre
Unit 3, The Reservation
East Road
NG34 7BY

Many of the victims we have worked with over the past few years have needed support for mental health problems so we thought it would be useful to introduce the England Illegal Money Lending Team and the work we are doing with the NHS.

Loan sharks are lenders who operate without a licence, charge extortionate rates of interest and use intimidation and sometimes violence in order to guarantee payments.

People borrow from loan sharks for many different reasons; sometimes for family emergencies, car purchase or for everyday living expenses; often the lender will be well known in the community as a person you can borrow from.

Respondents said, when asked what the effect of being involved with a loan shark:

“Mental health got worse, stressful for family, constant worry and financial burden meant not paying other debts.”


“I suffer from anxiety, always worried about when he will turn up for his money as he comes at all different times and I feel like my heart is beating really fast and cry a lot.”


“I have been so depressed and I am not living at home due to safety for me and my son.”


“Not sleeping, am stressed and depressed, arguing with my wife, she suffers from a skin allergy and it’s got worse due to this.”


“Detrimental effects on my mental health. Receiving constant texts or calls for money.”


“Have attempted to commit suicide because of this.”

For further information about the seminar please contact:

Steve Ward
LIAISE – Lead in Awareness, Intelligence, Support & Education
England Illegal Money Lending Team
steve.ward@birmingham.gov.uk or call 07557 203 147

England Illegal Money Lending Team, PO Box 12971, B33 0TD