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City council’s Executive approves Living Wage rise

Posted on 15th December, 2015 by Lincoln Against Poverty

Forty-eight members of staff at City of Lincoln Council will see their pay rise in the new year after the authority’s Executive approved the annual Living Wage increase on Monday, December 14.

The council became an accredited member of the Living Wage Foundation in October 2013 and has since implemented the annual increases for affected staff.

Different to the National Minimum Wage, the Living Wage is an optional rate and calculated on covering the basic costs of living. In November, it was announced this would rise from £7.85 per hour outside of London to £8.25 an hour.

As the rise has been given approval by the Executive, affected staff will see their pay rise from January next year.

Councillor Ric Metcalfe, Leader of the council, said: “We first adopted the Living Wage two years ago as we believed it was the fairest way to pay staff for their hard work.

“One of our priorities is to grow the local economy and by paying staff this way it gives them more of a disposable income that research has shown is spent locally.

“Another of our aims is to protect the poorest people in the city and the Living Wage is considered to be at a level to provide a decent standard of living.

“We are committed to maintaining our Living Wage accreditation and are one of the partners of Lincoln Living Wage Forum, encouraging other businesses and organisations to reward staff this way.”

Lincoln Living Wage Forum is currently running a ‘Making Lincoln Living Wage’ campaign, which includes a three-star accreditation scheme and an online register

The ratings work as:

  • One star for paying the Living Wage
  • Two stars for paying the Living Wage and using Living Wage suppliers, or paying the Living Wage and employing staff fairly without restrictive zero hours contracts
  • Three stars for paying the Living Wage, using Living Wage suppliers and employing staff fairly

For more information on the accreditation scheme or to join the register please visit www.lincolnagainstpoverty.co.uk/livingwage